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Reasons To Love Living In Atlanta

Posted by Martin Archacki on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 at 11:24am.

reasons to love living in atlantaAre you thinking about relocating to Atlanta? Well, hurry up already, because you'll love it here! Anyone who has had the pleasure of living in this vibrant and dynamic city would probably need days to list the various reasons the beautiful Georgia capital is so lovable.

Luckily for us, this week the Huffington Post published a love letter to Atlanta with their article: "Why Atlanta Is The Big American City You've Been Missing Out On". The piece is a touching tribute to all of the best that Atlanta has to offer. Well, no offence Huff, but we at the Atlanta Homes Team think you missed a couple!

Without further ado, here are 5 MORE reasons that Atlanta is the city you've been missing out on.

5) The Starlight Six Drive In

starlight six drive inJust a couple of miles from downtown Atlanta you will find the Starlight Six Drive In. This drive-in movie theater looks like an antique plucked from a 1950s American film. You can visit to catch a daily double feature for the unbeatable price of $7 a person. And if that wasn't enough to convince you to pop down for a double feature, then this will be: Starlight Six Drive In also allows what most theaters claim is a cardinal sin - bringing your own food. Not only can you bring your own food, but you are also encouraged to bring a grill. Don't have plans for Labour Day? Head down to the Starlight Six with a cooler and some burgers for their annual "Drive-Invasion" which features B-movies and live music.

4) The Edgewood Avenue Bar Scene

edgewood avenue barsMost Atlanta residents remember that, not too long ago, Edgewood Avenue was a near ghost town with businesses shutting their doors en masse. However, this street has gotten its second wind - and what a trendy gust it is. While the area is still slightly gritty, nobody can deny that it is on the verge of exploding in popularity. Compete with your hipster friends by visiting the area "before it was popular" and check out the six distinct bars that have everyone buzzing about Edgewood Avenue.

3) The Beltline

the atlanta beltlineWhile the Huffington Post did their best to spin Atlanta's traffic problem into something positive, there is not a doubt that many residents would rather walk. And soon, they will be able to! Everyone is talking about the Atlanta Beltline, a project tasked with building a network of trails connecting parks to parks, throughout in-town Atlanta. Soon, you may be able to avoid the city streets altogether and navigate using the Beltline which is being built on a city-wide abandoned railway network. Get out of that traffic and get some fresh air instead.

2) The Southern Food

southern food in atlantaIf you think Southern food just means fried chicken and gravy, then you haven't explored the culinary offerings in the city of Atlanta. Visit some of the city's highly rated restaurants to try typical Southern ingredients served with a creative flair. Atlanta hasn't just embraced Southern food, it has reinvented it, making the city one of the best places to eat in the United States.

1) The Four Seasons

fall in atlanta georgiaNo, not the hotel. The blissful changing of the seasons occurs a whopping 4 times a year in Atlanta. In most of the Southern states, "Spring" and "Fall" are merely a myth - but not in Atlanta. While it might only be for a short period of a month or so, we get to enjoy the cooler weather of the seasons on either side of the long, hot summer. Don't miss the chance to visit Atlanta parks in the fall to see the picture-perfect red and yellow leaves on the city's abundance of trees.

While the list created by the Huffington Post is hardly complete, even with our editions, we think that it offers a good insight into the variety of reasons why Atlanta is such a beloved city.

Are there any reasons we missed? Why do YOU love Atlanta?



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