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Gardening And Landscaping: How Much Does It Improve The Value?

Posted by Martin Archacki on Friday, October 2nd, 2015 at 7:13am.

In real estate, first impressions are important in creating a good relationship.

Similarly, curb appeal is the first thing that a potential home-buyers notice when looking for new homes. An un-mowed lawn, dead flowers, or even a bare yard are enough to dissuade potential buyers from putting in an offer.

According to studies by Virginia Tech, Michigan State University, and The Appraisal Institute, a well-landscaped yard can add between 5.5% and 15% to the property value of a home. When you break it down into dollar figures, the yard/landscaping has potential to add as much as $19,000 to a $150,000 home.

The Virginia Tech study surmised that three landscaping aspects affect the total value:

  • Design sophistication (42%)
  • Plant size (36%)
  • Diversity of plant material type (22%)

Here are some great tips to consider when thinking about adding a garden or landscaping to your Atlanta home to add value:

Landscape design on a budget.

You can spend anywhere from $200-$3000 to make significant changes to your property’s landscaping.

A solid design is priority #1 when one is thinking about adding value to your home. A great lawn is like a piece of art featuring the home, and it can inspire a buyer to make it their own. Go in with a plan.

There are many reputable garden and landscaping companies in Atlanta that can match a great look to the design of your home. If you don’t have a green thumb and really want to revive or restore a poorly maintained yard, then a landscape designer is money well-spent.

Don’t think simply in terms of plants—you can add some pretty exciting features to your landscape design: outdoor lighting, irrigation, stone paths, birdbaths, gazebos, patios and outdoor grills, shading and covered decks, gravel or concrete driveways.

What to plant in Atlanta?

Since Georgia has such hot, dry summers, you will want to ask your landscaper about drought resistant gardens and plants that are great all year-round. Turf grasses, like Bermuda grass, becomes dormant in dry periods and recovers after a hearty rain.

Shrubs, trees and perennials fare much better than annuals, due to the sparse climate. Botanica Atlanta has great guide to trees, shrubs and grasses that are accommodating to Georgia’s specific climate.

Trees appreciate over time, and keep in line with the “Plant size” ratio of the Virginia Tech study. A well-maintained flower garden around a magnolia tree is attractive to individuals when standing alone across a well-mowed lawn.

While it is best to plant younger trees, if you are looking to sell your home soon, then planting medium sized trees may be a better choice.

Trim Overgrowth

If you already have plants and shrubs around your home, keep them trimmed down to a nice and tidy state.

Keep your yard mowed and edged.

If you have older trees that are weather damaged and may be dangerous when it storms, then perhaps it may be time to have them removed.


Remember to keep your garden or landscape diverse—but don’t overdo it! A busy lawn is difficult to maintain, and could detract homebuyers simply based on upkeep. Keep it neat. Keep it beautiful. Watch your property value blossom.

Need more expert advice on how to boost your home value? Get in touch with the Atlanta Homes Team for tailored tips.



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