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August 2014

Found 6 blog entries for August 2014.

Breaking Real Estate News: Nathan Hardwick of Morris | Hardwick | Schneider, a prominent real estate closing firm, has been accused of embezzling over $30 million.

real estate news morris hardwick schneider embezzlement scandalOnce a managing partner of the high-profile Atlanta law firm, Nathan E. Hardwick IV has just been accused of appropriating more than $30 million from escrow and other collateral accounts. A law suit has been filed within the Fulton County Superior Court, and Fidelity National Title Group (FNTG) acted quickly to become majority owner of Landcastle Title LLC, an affiliate company of Morris Hardwick Schneider (MHS).

Fidelity National stepped in once they "learned of substantial escrow account misappropriations" within MHS. Afraid that the scandal would "negatively impact" the stability and

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glamping in georgiaAs summer winds down many families are packing up their SUV's and jetting off for some weekend camping. Think that camping is not your thing? Then try glamping instead! Outdoor enthusiasts across the world are discovering glamping and combining the best aspects of camping with the comforts and amenities of a "stay-cation" at home. This guide is designed to show you how you can experience the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury.

"Glamping" Defined

The term Glamping is derived from the words "camping" and "glamour", and is the seamless combination of the two - outdoor experiences melded with upscale amenities. For those who are tired of the usual beachy breaks and the urban hotel rooms, glamping is a must-try. So, pack your bags and experience

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save money on your new construction homeHave you ever experienced the feeling of being the first person to live in a brand new home? The counters are shiny and fingerprint-free, the walls are freshly painted and smooth, and the floors are gleaming and un-scuffed.

Does the thought of someone else's taste in paint colors or appliances give you a headache? Do you hate seeing a stranger's child's growth chart drawn onto the wall with a Sharpie? If so, then a brand new home may be the perfect choice for you. Read on to find out our money saving tips to consider when purchasing a new construction home.

1. Harness The Help Of A Buyer's Agent

It is important to keep in mind that the builder sales agent ultimately represents the builder - so who represents you? By working with an experienced

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atlantas expensive neighborhoodsHomes and neighborhoods in Atlanta come in a wide range of prices, styles and locations. However, the city also attracts some of the nation's wealthiest, who choose their home from Atlanta's most affluent neighborhoods. These areas boast location, estate homes, and a rich history.


The Buckhead district is quite large, encompassing a number of smaller communities with amazing repertoires of luxurious homes. Grand estates housed famous Atlanta residents and continue to be called home by celebrities and entrepreneurs. Other than the architectural appeal, what draws buyers to the Buckhead neighborhood is the proximity to Atlanta’s downtown core. The district features many homes constructed by architect Neel Reid, including the McDuffie

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atlanta home stylesAtlanta has a rich history, and along with it has come a number of different styles of homes. Over the years, Atlanta residents have chosen to live in historical homes from the city’s earliest years, or to build new homes in the spirit of area’s architecture. The variety of homes available makes shopping for a house an exciting endeavor. From elaborate Queen Anne homes to open Craftsman bungalows, homeowners can find a home that suits their tastes and their needs.

Which style of home is your favorite?

Queen Anne Victorian

queen anne homes in AtlantaThese homes are either the classic style, having been constructed in the late 19th or early 20th century, or they come in the form of Queen Anne revival houses. Elaborate detailing is key in Queen Anne architecture. Scalloped

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ipra world championship rodeo cumming fairgroundsGeorgia may be firmly tucked into the eastern half of the United States, but that doesn't mean that we can't have an exciting taste of the wild, Wild West. Rodeo is a competitive sport that features some of the bravest athletes around. Cowboys and cowgirls participate in various events involving horses and other livestock. The rodeo has a rich history, and was developed out of necessity. Cowboys in the Wild West started to find a lack of work when the expansion into the west slowed down. In 1897 the oldest rodeo in America debuted, giving cowboys another avenue to make their income and rodeo has evolved from Wild West shows into the impressive, modern sport it is today.

The word rodeo is taken directly from the Spanish language, where "rodeo"

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